Our Story

Arka Naturals is the brainchild of a passionate couple and its name is a portmanteau of their names-- "Artie and Karen". After going through an unexpected life challenge, they began to be more mindful on their personal choices and started making lifestyle changes.

Realizing that commercial bath and cosmetic products usually contain toxic chemicals that cause long-term negative effects on the body and that they constitute the majority of waste damaging the planet, the couple felt the responsibility to change. They started the journey from switching to natural personal care products to being more conscious on the environment by adapting a zero waste lifestyle-- all these as part of their healing process.

Hence, in December 2018, Arka Naturals was launched offering all-natural personal care essentials and home fragrances lovingly hand-crafted with humans and Earth in mind.

The brand believes that everyone deserves to experience natural, simple, and mindful self care luxury. Every piece was designed to take you to a journey of self-discovery and inner bliss without the premium price tag.


Our Core



Mother nature has blessed us with an abundance of available ingredients that can provide us healing, health, and vitality. Arka Naturals harnesses the power of nature by offering personal care essentials and home fragrances with natural occurring, organic ingredients, that are able to nourish and nurture us.



Things don't have to be complicated to be effective and meaningful. Arka Naturals products are straightforward, stripping back what’s unnecessary to get at the core of what’s effective. We also provide transparency of labels so you know what’s in them, in terms that are familiar to you.



Safety and quality  should never be compromised. Arka Naturals products are lovingly hand-made in small batches using the finest ethically-sourced and cruelty-free ingredients. Free from single-use plastic packaging and nasties, making them safe and gentle for everyone including the planet.

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